Sophia Academy, a school for children with learning disabilities

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is an integral part of a Sophia Academy education. Assistive Technology is defined as any item or software program that increases, maintains, or improves the functional capabilities of individuals in all aspects of life, including at school. Every student at Sophia Academy is evaluated for Assistive Technology services.Computer Lab

Sophia Academy employs a variety of assistive technologies, ranging from the use of shaped pencils and large crayons to improve dexterity, to listening to a textbook online while following the words to increase processing. Students are utilizing electronic word processors, laptops, and iPads to aid in their note-taking, study and organizational skills, and writing process. These advancements and more enrich students' learning and equip them for greater tasks.

Assistive technology may be as simple as a pencil grip or the use of colored paper. It may be as complex as computer software that reads text aloud as students type.

"The assistive technology at Sophia Academy is a great help to students who learn differently. I have a processing difficulty which makes reading hard. The assistive technology tools at Sophia Academy help me do my work faster. For example, I can research papers on the web by myself because Read & Write GOLD reads the text out loud to me. This allows me to finish my work faster with less help from others...We also have all our textbooks on Sophia Academy Bookspace, a site where the teachers can post all our assignments. You can listen to the textbooks as well if needed...Because of assistive technology, keeping up with work is so much easier!" -Sophia Academy alumnus

View an online video tutorial of "Read and Write GOLD," a software we use that improves literacy by converting text to speech, highlighting, phonetic spell checking, and much more.

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