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High School

Once upon a time, you could only imagine being
a parent of a “high-schooler.”  Perhaps it sounded a little daunting, at times exciting, yet certainly distant.  Somehow now, within a matter of weeks or months, you will find that the small child who ambled out of your door with a backpack and crayons years ago has suddenly transformed into a high school student! In another blink, that same high school student will be striding toward graduation. Let us guide your student into the future with our college-preparatory High School program!



Demand for upper grades led Sophia Academy to begin a high school in 2012.

For students and parents alike, high school years will certainly be a time of challenge, change and growth.  What a relief to know that the community of Sophia Academy is now prepared to fill those 4 years with individualized learning, amazing experiences and careful planning to ensure that Sophia graduates are prepared for the world ahead. High school will include the same personalized education tailored to meet student needs that is found in grades K-8, and it will share the school's SACS-SAIS accreditation. The small class size, extracurricular opportunities, and mission trips are just some of the exciting high school elements students are already buzzing about.

High school students will have the opportunity to engage in seminar-style, college-prepatory classes where they will discuss and analyze with their peers under the supervision of a certified and experienced high school educator. They will be afforded incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, such an international culture exchange/study abroad program and a mission trip.

All students will be required to use a laptop in the classroom, and all students will have access to Assistive Technology - devices and aids which improve student performance.

Sophia Academy is uniquely able to provide this personalized attention for high school. In linking your student to college and vocational programs, we will provide support and resources to maximize your child’s future.

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Download our brochure to learn more about High School (PDF)


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