Sophia Academy, a school for children with learning disabilities

Masterpiece Gala

galaMasquerade Success!

Sophia Academy hosted its annual Masterpiece Gala on Saturday, February 9, at its own gym at 2880 Dresden Drive. The New Orleans “Masquerade” theme was in full force with zydeco music, dancing, Cajun fare, and a split-the-pot raffle, raising funds for the school to purchase a bus. David and Sheri Greene contributed as the Lead Sponsor.

Success of the night included over one hundred guests, and food and drink donated by Atlanta Bread Company (Basil and Elena Couvaras), Peter and Yuwadee Landskroener, and Endive Catering.




Premier Sponsor:

Sheri and David Greene, parents of Mary Clare.


Golden Eagle Sponsor:

bank of n ga

smith and howard

Learning Rx


Eagle Sponsor:

Matt and Melanie Lipscomb

Georgia Commerce



Bill and Lynn McInerny


Donation Request

Dear Friends of Sophia:

Sophia Academy, founded by Marie Corrigan in 1999 for her daughter, is a Marist Catholic school provideing personalized education tailored to meet student needs and instilling in each a quest for excellence. The school provides a challenging academic program for grades pre-K through high school.

Guided by the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards teaching in small classes, the curriculum is paced according to ability. Those needing personalized learning plans progress faster when they are accommodated according to their learning styles. The acclaimed Orton-Gillingham approach, created for dyslexics, benefits all learners. With the most expansive leadership, sports and drama opportunities in a small school, students will obtain communication skills and enjoy activities not available for all at other schools.

The Masterpiece Gala is Sophia's premier annual event and has provided important support for many programs and projects within the school. The Gala is the largest parent volunteer fundraising event of the year. With parents, staff, and community members in attendance, this event will raise funds in support of the school.

We are proud of the accomplishments achieved by Sophia Academy over the past decade, and we look forward to an exciting future. Please consider being a part of Sophia's future and the upcoming Masterpiece Gala.



"Let the Good Times Roll" Mardi Gras 2013 Masterpiece Gala Sponsorship Opportunities

All sponsors/donors contributing at least $1,000 to the Gala and $1,000 to The Dream Continues Gym Campaign are invited to attend a special Patron Party in January!


    Price Purchase
Individual Tickets One ticket  $75
Two tickets  $150
Three tickets  $225
Four tickets  $300
The Big Easy Sponsor    $500
Eagle Sponsor   $1000
Décor Sponsor    $2500
Entertainment Sponsor   $6000
Premier Sponsor    $8000
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