Sophia Academy, a school for children with learning disabilities

Staff & Board Members

For information about Admissions, please contact Marie Corrigan

Staff Contact Information    
Name Title Extension Email
Marie Corrigan Founding Director and Admissions Director 101
Michelle Zierten Principal 102

Cathi Athaide Advancement Director 105
Melissa Lappe Administrative Assistant 110
Mecia Mosley Business Manager 108
John Turner Athletics Director and Facilities Manager 127
Joseph Michael Technology Director 106
Julie Noggle Director of Religious Education 115
Caroline Corrigan Assistive Technology Director/Teacher
Hillary Braxton Receptionist/Marketing Assistant/Teacher
Carrie Thompson Counselor/Graduation Coach
Patsy Chalfant Speech Language Pathologist

Classroom Teachers

Name Grade Level   Email
Beth McCracken PreK
Christine Wallace K
Brandy Graham 1
Cheryl Gentile 2
Becky Tai 3
Felice Atkinson 4
Theresa Payne 5
Mary Espinosa Middle School
Connie Winkler Middle School
Emil Schuster Middle School
Elizabeth Kaebnick Middle School Teacher/2nd Grade Assistant
Betty Motter Middle School/High School/2nd Grade Assistant
Joey Robinson High School

Board of Trustees’ Contact Information

Name Title   Email
Mrs. Sue Hansen Chairman
Mrs. Marie Corrigan Vice Chairman
Mrs. Elizabeth Bresnahan
Mrs. Valerie L. Shevlin
Mrs. Emily F. May Secretary
Ms. Carla Rogg
Father John Harhager
Mr. Matt Lipscomb

Mr. George Grimes

Mrs. Anno Hardage
Ms. Mary Ford

Mr. Marty Martenson

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